Ouroboros is an on-chain GameFi studio on Avalanche that aims to push the boundaries of tokenomics, GameFi and NFTs; helping solidify AVAX as the innovation chain.




In Ponz Game, players are launched into the wild with the goal of surviving to claim a prize. The longer you last, the greater your reward will be. But beware, greed can be costly, and many players will fall before reaching the end.





Ouroboros Club is a social PFP NFT on Avalanche that aims to innovate on customization and secondary market dynamics by allowing you to personalize basic traits, transfer traits between NFTs and reroll traits for a chance of better rarity. Customize, trade and collect your favorite avatar and be a part of our metaverse.




Pizza Game is an Avalanche on-chain game inspired by our favorite childhood online game, Cookie Clicker. To play Pizza Game, you must purchase a Pizza Chef and stake them in the Pizzeria. Chefs are ERC721 NFTs and can produce various tokens when you stake them. Since these tokens are ERC20 tokens, they can be traded on popular exchanges like Traderjoe


As you step in the door, a warm and smokey scent hits your nose. You can't help but have your mouth water as you smell one of the most delicious meals one can have... Welcome to your very own pizzeria!

The Team

The Ouroboros team has been together for a year building their vision of a one-stop on-chain gaming hub for everyone. 

With over 10,000 distinct users so far we are proud to present the start of Ouroboros. More updates coming soon. Stay tuned. 

Think outside the box, the sky is our only limit!

At Ouroboros, we strive to build a strong community whilst bringing high quality projects, to enable us to become the face of Avalanche for on-chain gaming.

We love gaming and crypto! That’s why we aspire to combine gaming and blockchain in unprecedented ways.

The Game-Fi studio on Avalanche

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